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The Reggio Emilia Approach


We believe an emergent curriculum evolves daily. We present each child with opportunities to develop their social skills, emotional skills, language skills, cognition skills (literacy and numeracy), and physical skills. We have seen that children learn best when they guide their learning.

Our educators set up a variety of strategically planned provocations that invite the children to learn through play. Encouraging the children to choose where and how they play allows them to develop a variety of cognitive domains while still ensuring there is a meaningful connection towards the subject matter. We then observe the children and document their play, using this documentation to plan our next provocation to further develop their learning.

This is known as inquiry-based learning or an emergent curriculum. Our educators are always observing the children’s play to maximize teachable moments. The learning may be teacher-led; however, the child chooses a method that is interesting to them as they control the direction of their learning. 

The Reggio Emilia Approach requires a unique image of the child. At BH Beginnings, we view each child’s mind as full of amazing ideas that we, too, can learn from as educators! We develop strong bonds by truly listening to our students to understand them on a deeper level, which ensures that we are providing an individualized learning experience for each child. 

Individualized, experiential learning continues throughout a student’s entire academic journey at Balmoral Hall School. In alignment with the Reggio Emilia Approach, we view all of our students as capable and competent leaders. We provide differentiated opportunities to honour each student’s multiple intelligences and ensure each student meets their full potential.

At BH Beginnings Child Care, we believe meaningful learning cannot happen without a meaningful connection, and teaching and learning should be done with joy!
The Reggio Emilia Approach is an educational philosophy based on the image of a child with strong potentialities for development and a subject with rights, who learns through the hundred languages belonging to all human beings and grows in relations with others.


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Our mission at Balmoral Hall School is to inspire girls’ imagination and the courage to excel, to reach, to lead, to care.

We are a nondenominational independent day and boarding school, educating students from Junior Nursery to Grade 12.

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