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  • + Where do I find a calendar of upcoming events?

    To view Balmoral Hall School's calendar of events, please click here.

    Please also check your email(s) for the It's Thursday e-newsletter, as well as Monday Memo, which is sent to Junior, Middle, and Senior School, respectively.
  • + Where do I find the parent/student handbook?

    Login to MyBH, and then click on the Resources tab.

    There, you will find a board entitled Policies and Resources, containing the parent/student handbook, along with other ready-to-download information.
  • + Can I attend my daughter's school assemblies?

    Yes! All parents, grandparents, and other extended family members are always welcome to attend full school assemblies (Fall/Winter/Spring Opening Assembly, Remembrance Day, and Doll Assembly). Junior School assemblies vary by grade, but your daughter's homeroom teacher will be able to advise you of that date so you can put it on your calendars.
  • + What are the procedures with parking and pick-up?

    Note: As of January 2019, the Langside loop will be open for Middle & Senior School drop off and pick-up, which means that all students in grades 6 to 12 will no longer use the front loop in the morning or afternoon (unless there is also a child in Junior School).

    The following pick-up schedule has been created to prevent an influx of neighbourhood traffic at the end of the school day, as idling is strongly discouraged. Parents cannot stop for long periods of time in either loop or on the street to wait for students. If your child is not ready to be picked up, you will be asked to drive around the block. Please remember to treat Langside Street as a one-way street going north in order to avoid traffic congestion.
    • Buses depart at 3:30 p.m.
    • Junior School pick-up begins at 3:30 p.m., and we ask that you pick up your daughters no later than 4:15 p.m. (unless they are registered for extended day or after-school clubs).
    • Middle & Senior School pick-up begins at 3:30 p.m.
    As always, we expect everyone to proceed with caution through the front parking lot at all times.

    A friendly reminder that parking in the front lot is only permitted from 3 – 4 p.m. for parents of early years' students, who must display their pink parking permits.

    The pedestrian gate on Langside Street (near the playground) will be open for students who are walking to and from school.
  • + Is there before or after school care? What about summer camps?

    The Extended Day program runs both before school and after, as well as on professional development (PD) days for Junior School students (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5). You can drop off as early as 7:30 a.m. (8:30 a.m. on professional development days) and pick up until 6 p.m. You must register for Extended Day, as there is a fee for this care. For more information, please contact Mrs. Cheryl Haverick by clicking here.

    Balmoral Hall may offer a two-week spring break camp and a seven-week summer camp, depending on registration, for students in Kindergarten to Grade 3; please read It's Thursday for more information about registration.
  • + How do I navigate the lunch program?

    Information from Dana Hospitality is easily accessible at this link.

    You can review meal plans, load and re-load your dining dollars, view daily menus, and check the catering options offered.
  • + What are #1 uniforms, and how do I know when my daughter needs hers?

    No. 1 uniforms are typically worn once a week (Monday) and on special occasions, such as assemblies, Closing Exercises, and Grandparents Day.

    Click here for more information.
  • + How many uniforms does my daughter need?

    Here are our suggestions for your consideration.
    • BH Beginnings: It is recommended that you purchase four to six pairs of sweats and/or shorts along with two hoodies. Note: Buy the least expensive plain white tees you are able to find! 
    • Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten: It is recommended that you purchase at least one tunic, one long-sleeved blouse, and one zip tie. This will satisfy the No. 1 uniform requirements. A second tunic is recommended, but it is not a neccesity. Parents are also informed that if the child is wearing a sweater in the classroom, it must be the school's green cardigan.
    • For grades 1 to 3: Same as above, with the addition of mandatory gym clothes. With one tee for gym, we suggest a second one for dance. The dance pants are mandatory, as well as the green gym shorts.  
    • In Grade 4, they switch from a tunic to a kilt. Usually, one kilt is sufficient.  
    • Grades 4-5 also add the vest to their mandatory pieces of the kilt and long-sleeved blouse. A zip tie is still mandatory, as are dance pants and gym clothes. Again, we recommend a second gym tee for dance.
    • Once the girls are in Grade 6, House ties and blazers become mandatory. One blazer should suffice; although, with growth, some girls will need two over the course of seven years. One long-sleeved blouse is mandatory. Gym clothes are still mandatory, as are dance pants through Grade 8. The gym shorts are now black instead of green. 
    We would encourage all parents to purchase at least two to three short-sleeved blouses.

    We also suggest purchasing at least five pairs of socks in all grades.
    It really depends on how frequently laundry is done, or how messy your daughter can be!
  • + How do I take care of/wash my daughters uniforms?

    All uniform items with exception of the blazer may be washed in your regular washing machine by following the directions on their respective tags.

    It is recommended that tunics and kilts are hung to dry. This will reduce the chance of hems coming loose. It is also recommended that you wash the kilt with the kilt pin intact (i.e. still on the kilt).

    Although some parents have had success with washing their daughter's blazer in with their regular laundry, this is not a recommendation from the school; blazers should be dry cleaned.

    Kilts and tunics may be spot washed at any time with a damp cloth, as this will help these items last longer between washes.
  • + What is a mufti day?

    A mufti day is a day without uniforms. Every school year, students are asked to contribute $10 to support various student activities put on by the prefects. In return, there are days throughout the school year when students may come to school in casual wear instead of the school uniform.

    Most mufti days follow a theme (i.e. Halloween, Valentine's, etc.).

    These dates are found on the school calendar here.
  • + What are Houses at Balmoral Hall?

    Every student in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12, along with all employees are placed in one of four Houses: Glen Gairn, Craig Gowan, Braemar, and Ballater. Friendly competitions throughout the school year amongst the Houses go towards collecting House points. At Closing Exercises every year, the House with the most points is awarded the House Trophy, which the House Head accepts on behalf of everyone in that House.

    A Brief History of Balmoral Hall School's Houses

    The union of Rupert's Land School and Riverbend School in 1950 brought about the creation of a new school. The name selected for the new school was Balmoral Hall, named in honour of Balmoral Castle, a private residence of the Queen in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. If you should ever visit the area, try and stand at the highest point adjacent to the castle. If you look to the north you will see the valley of Glen Gairn, to the south you will see the hill of Craig Gowan, to the west you will see the lovely area of Braemar, and to the east you will see the small town of Ballater.

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