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Seeking Better Things

Giving back makes us who we are

You see girls as we see them: problem solvers, globally aware, lifelong learners, collaborative, balanced, reflective, independent, empathetic, passionate, and resilient.

Going on 118 years, families like yours have deepened the roots of our school community. So much has changed in the past century, including early childhood, primary, and secondary education. What remains are our values.

  • We believe all-girls education must be balanced.
  • We believe globally minded citizens act with compassion and integrity.
  • We believe lifelong learning is built upon curiosity, creativity, resiliency, and innovation.
From the bequest of Sir James Aikins founding Riverbend School to recent contributions that have fully funded construction of Benidickson Centre for Arts & Design, the generosity of this school community is timeless and boundless.

Your donation is important because it allows girls from all walks of life to learn here, inspiring them to be the next generation of leaders.

With your support, we can continue seeking better things for our students, for ourselves, and for our future.
Charitable Registration No. 12994 3932 RR0001

Donations to Balmoral Hall School are tax-deductible.

Balmoral Hall School

630 Westminster Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  R3C 3S1
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Charitable Registration No. 12994 3932 RR0001
Our mission at Balmoral Hall School is to inspire girls' imagination and the courage to excel, to reach, to lead, to care.

We are an independent day and boarding school, offering an exceptional all-girls education from child care, starting at age 2, to Grade 12.