All school volunteers must attend a volunteer workshop. Not only will you gain valuable information prior to volunteering you will also be asked to complete a form for a child abuse registry check. The cost of this is covered by the school, and it is required for liability reasons. If at any point during your time volunteering you are asked to drive students you will also be required to bring in your driver's licence and a copy of vehicle insurance for the school to keep on file. To register for a volunteer workshop please contact Junior School Principal Judith Steek to arrange a time.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.

The Balmoral Hall Parent Association's vision is to create a lifelong, engaged community.

We do this by partnering with Balmoral Hall School to promote and enrich students' educational experiences by fostering a strong sense of community through parental involvement.

Calling all volunteers ...

My name is Jenny-Lou Ryan, and I am the volunteer coordinator for Balmoral Hall Parent Association (BHPA).

Here is why I volunteer and why I think you should, too. I believe in building a strong school community and support the BHPA’s vision "to create a lifelong, engaged community." I want to show my children that I have an interest in their education.

I think volunteering is a very rewarding and fulfilling exercise. I get paid in smiles! We endeavour to treat our volunteers well, and there is a great wrap-up celebration at the end of the year!

My goal is to assemble a team of great volunteers this year by planning meaningful, manageable jobs to suit your experience, interests, and schedule. Please accept my challenge to donate at least one hour of your time this year, and join a fun, dynamic group of parents who serve as committee members. There is a place for everyone, and everyone is welcome!

Contact me at

"At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents."
– Jane D. Hull

Connect with a boarding student

Pictured: Ursula (right), from Mexico, experienced the worst homesickness her first week of school that ended after a family dinner and a game of cards.

Our goal for 2018/19 is to ensure each of the 55 boarding students in Middle & Senior School enjoys one home-cooked meal or outing off school property with a host family.

The girls all wish to form a friendship with at least one day student (younger or older) at Balmoral Hall School during their time here. Last year, all 68 students were invited into your homes for a home-cooked meal. This was the first time that connections like these were ever made to this extent. The feelings of gratitude and the connections formed by these outings have been a true gift for these girls, and Bin Dong Jiang, Dean of Boarding, is ecstatic! We support the boarding staff's vision of connecting students and the school community and will continue to work to foster more of these outings.

So, we would like to invite you to join the many families who have already enjoyed making that connection and become hosts. Please sign up for one meal and show our boarding students a bit of Canadian hospitality! Other activities are encouraged, as well. Let us know if you are interested, and we will forward your contact info to Ms Jiang to make pick-up and drop-off arrangements.

You are wonderful families and just what these girls need so far from their own! Their parents' hearts will be full knowing families have welcomed them into their home and shown how much they care. We can attest to the fact that the personal rewards are immeasurable.

We invite you to consider joining our efforts!

Thank you,

Jenny-Lou Ryan & Mirjana Janzen 
BHPA Boarding Liaisons


Can you see yourself engaged in any of these ways?

  • Baking treats for our Employee Appreciation Tea?
  • Spending time in our Nearly New Uniform Store?
  • Organizing a party for parents as a Grade Ambassador?
  • Decorating? Organizing a bulletin board?
  • Spending time in the library?
  • Helping out at Yahoo BBQ or other BHPA events?
  • Hosting a boarding student?
If so, please consider volunteering your time today; contact Volunteer Coordinator Jenny-Lou Ryan for more information.

Balmoral Hall School

Our mission at Balmoral Hall School is to inspire girls' imagination and the courage to excel, to reach, to lead, to care.

We are an independent day and boarding school, offering an exceptional all-girls education from child care, starting at age 2, to Grade 12.