Grade 5 students organized a used book fair and donated the proceeds to our Sustainability Fund. (December 2021)


To further enhance our commitment to sustainability, while decreasing our collective environmental footprint, we launched a new Sustainability Fund in Fall 2021.
In early November, we were very excited to announce that Balmoral Hall School now has disposable mask upcycling. During their International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition on “Sharing the Planet” in Spring 2021, Grade 5 students became very passionate about reducing our plastic waste, and they were concerned about the negative impacts of disposable masks. Did you know masks used in 2020 added more than 10 million pounds of extra plastic waste on our Earth?
Thanks to support for Balmoral Hall School’s Sustainability Fund, disposable masks will be shipped to New Jersey, where they will be upcycled into shipping pallets and sheet metal. Hundreds of masks will be diverted from the landfill every single day! Four boxes are now located around the school — between the front doors, by the Langside loop, inside the Boarding House, and near the Junior Kindergarten and BH Beginnings Child Care area.
If you would like to know more about TerraCycle, visit
Did you know ... That more than 100 million pieces of plastic are used each day? That almost every piece of plastic ever made still exists on this planet? That humans eat more than 18 kilograms of plastic in their lifetimes?
The Sustainability Fund exists to protect the future. Last month, donations made it possible to purchase new metal cutlery for the dining hall. With Balmoral Hall School making this return to metal, we will reduce the number of plastics that are thrown away at school every day.

Most recently, Grade 5 students held a used book fair for Junior School. They asked for book donations from students so that their books could be reused and read by another owner. For each book that was brought in, one House point was awarded.
The two-day fair was set up in the atrium with Grade 5 students selling the books for $1 to support Balmoral Hall School’s Sustainability Fund. They raised $1,186 — WOW! Congratulations to Ballater for receiving the most House points for this fundraiser, bringing in about 35% of the books!
This book fair would not have been possible without the help of all Grade 5 students. Everyone dedicated their time to help sell books and count proceeds. We would like to thank Ms McComb, Ms Meadows, Mrs, MacTavish, Mrs. Haverick, and Mrs. Steek, as well as the Junior School Green Team, Zoey, Isla, and Morgan, who made organising this fundraiser a priority. Thank you, also, to the Balmoral Hall School community for donating/purchasing used books!
Grade 5 students shared some advice to help us think about making sustainability a part of our everyday routines: “Be smart about what goes into compost, make sure you are recycling properly, and, if you have the choice, be sure to choose reusable options!”
Learn more about how you can contribute to Balmoral Hall School’s Sustainability Fund.
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