By Lily Rich, Grade 8

Alumna Kathryn Marcynuk '07 visited Balmoral Hall in November to talk to the Grade 8 career awareness class about statistical signal processing.

First, a little background on Kathryn: She graduated in 2007 and went into engineering at University of Manitoba. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in statistical signal processing and gives lectures at U of M. Now, I'm sure you’re wondering: What is statistical signal processing? In essence, SSP is the study of signals. These signals could be sound signals, like the ones from a radio, or they could be electrical signals, like the ones that show when measuring a mother and baby’s heart rate. It is a truly interesting profession, and it takes a lot of determination to want to delve into such a specific and complex field, much less for a Ph.D.
Regarding her Ph.D., Kathryn said, “When you have a Ph.D., you have to be your own boss.” There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into getting a Ph.D. Regarding how she got where she is: “Success is not a straight line,” she said. No person who has ever made anything good has been successful all the time. No person who has ever been wanted hasn’t been rejected first. But even after countless tries and rejections, you can still get what you want. Curves, peaks, and valleys are just a part of success. Kathryn’s speech was a testament to that.


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