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  • Ying “Ali” Chou ’10


    By Alice Christopher ’27

    On January 18, 2023, Ying “Ali” Chou, Class of 2010, spoke with the Grade 8 classes about post-secondary education and her own career journey.
    To chart her nonlinear career path, Ms Chou first attended McGill intending to complete a degree in biology. After doing that for a little while, she decided that she was more interested in chemistry and completed her Bachelor’s degree in that subject. Next on her path was attending University of Alberta for chemistry while volunteering and working part-time.
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  • Congratulations to our competitive debaters and public speakers! (December 2021)


    Carissa (Nikkel) Balcaen ’02, Faculty

    As we approach the winter break, one would think that debate and public speaking would also begin winding down; however, debate and public speaking opportunities were abundant in late November through to last weekend. 
    At the junior level, Lucy, Leela, Ryleigh, Chenyu, Emily, and Rana were very busy developing arguments supporting and opposing the establishment of “right to fix” laws in Canada. In the tournament, hosted by Lower Canada College on December 4, 2021, the partnerships examined the harms and benefits of allowing third party and homeowner repair of devices, including if repair could reduce our human impact on the environment, inspire innovation, limit economic growth for large businesses, and facilitate economic growth for small repair companies. 
    After two rounds of prepared debate, the competitors debated the motions, “This house would ban eating contests,” and “This house supports breaking the law to protect the environment or diminish climate change.” With a wide range of topics possible at impromptu tournaments, you never know what to expect, and our debaters always embrace the challenge. Also impressive were the numbers of competitors who remained following their four main rounds to learn from and support the teams in the final, who debated, “This house would require anyone on parole or bail to be electronically monitored.” 
    At the senior level, we would like to congratulate Asmara and Janet for representing Manitoba at Senior British Parliamentary Debate National Championships. Their participation at the senior national level will hopefully be one of many more rounds they will qualify to attend in the future. Their six motions debated from November 19–21, 2021, were extremely challenging with the following preliminary motions: 
    • Round 1 — This house would make all workers legally entitled to profit sharing, whereas the employees are entitled to a share of the profits made by a company.
    • Round 2 — This house would require major polluters to open their borders to environmental refugees. 
    • Round 3 — This house believes that AI will do more harm than good. 
    • Round 4 — The government should fund universal free childcare centres in the same way that the government funds schools.
    • Round 5 — This house would allow legislation through binding voter-initiated referenda.
    • Round 6 — This house believes that governments should prioritize policies that reduce social inequality over economic growth. 
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  • In early October, Lauren and Natalie competed in their first debate tournament of the 2021–2022 school year.


    By Carissa (Nikkel) Balcaen ’02, Faculty

    Last weekend marked the opening of the debate season for eager members of our competitive debate team.  
    Dora, Grade 10, Jenny, Grade 11, and a classmate participated in the four-day Canadian Student Debate Federation National Seminar. The annual conference is tailored to support new debaters, and this year it focused on the theme of “Reconciliation: Making the Calls to Action a Reality.” This seminar was a timely event with the opening ceremony address delivered by Opposition Leader of Manitoba’s Legislative Assembly Wab Kinew on the inaugural National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.
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    To facilitate a careful, healthy, and safe start to the school year in which Manitoba Education and public health officials have implemented a pandemic response system level of CAUTION (YELLOW), we have prepared a detailed framework of frequently asked questions.
    “What You Need to Know for Fall 2021” outlines our expectations of employees, students, and parents.

    Available in the Resources section of My BH, please read the entire document thoroughly to ensure you are well-versed in Balmoral Hall School’s protocols and practices, those implemented in 2020/21 as well as new measures for 2021/22. These frequently asked questions will be revised as necessary. Contact should you have unanswered questions.

    We would be happy to assist you.

    The BHPA is thrilled to welcome you back to the Balmoral Hall School campus for what promises to be an extraordinary year. 

    To help get everybody excited and raring to go, we have arranged to greet you on September 8 & 9 (public health measures permitting):
    • 📷 6 Degrees Photo Booth, where you can take pictures with your family;
    • 🍟 Mini O’s Food Truck, where you can pick up some french fries; and
    • ☕ DeLuca’s Specialty Coffee Bar, where you can grab a hot drink.

    From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., parent volunteers will be in the front (Westminster Avenue) loop Wednesday and again Thursday, as well as in the Langside Street loop Thursday. Look for us in our snazzy new aprons! We encourage families to visit with us upon your exit from teacher interviews while you consume your food and beverages outside. Please note that we are also happy to serve Senior School students outside during class breaks on Thursday.
    We look forward to a fun, safe return to Balmoral Hall School. See you in two weeks!

    This is your chance to buy gently used school uniform items and spirit wear from our eager Nearly New Uniform Store volunteers!
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    Updated August 23, 2021

    We’re live — uniform purchases can now be made online!

    Please remember to add your child's full name to the “order notes” so that we know which classroom to deliver your order to when it’s ready.
    Questions? Contact us at We’ll be happy to assist you!

    As the countdown to Fall 2021 begins, we are delighted to share an important announcement regarding the Balmoral Hall School uniform store. Greater ease in online shopping has been considerable throughout the past 18 months. We have heard from families that the convenience of shopping online for their daughter’s uniform would be beneficial for several reasons.

    Recognizing your demand for uncomplicated order management, we will be transitioning all uniform orders to Shopify, effective Monday, August 23.
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  • Anya Misner ’23 with a collection of her Honeywell Beetique products, which she created for a school project. (June 2021)


    By Jennifer J. Pawluk, Communications Specialist

    Congratulations to Anya Misner, a Grade 10 student at Balmoral Hall School, whose work on a recent project earned her an award of distinction from business leaders in her hometown!
    When asked about sharing the news of her achievement with the Balmoral Hall School community, Anya graciously wrote the following:

    “As you know, the Grade 10 students worked on passion projects throughout the school year. I decided to make environmentally friendly products from beeswax. My Honeywell Beetique products consist of beeswax wraps, lips balms, deodorant, candles, and fire starters. After giving my passion project presentation to my family and teachers, I came across a local contest for young entrepreneurs being held by the Springfield Chamber of Commerce called the ‘YES Challenge.’
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  • Grade 5 students collaborated virtually and in class for their Exhibition projects. (May 2021)


    By Melissa Meadows & Chloë McComb, Faculty

    Our Grade 5 Exhibition was connected to the transdisciplinary theme of “Sharing the Planet.” Each group inquired into a variety of global issues, made connections to experts, and shared their learning in the hopes of “Unmasking a Better Future.” Although you were unable to see our Exhibition in person, we are still hoping to share our inquires with you virtually!
    We are sharing the following with the Balmoral Hall School community. 
    A video of our learning journey throughout the six weeks of our Grade 5 Exhibition:
    Links to the television episodes that students created:
    Episode 1 – Child Poverty and Ocean Plastics
    Episode 4 – Black Lives Matter and Ocean Plastic Pollution
    We hope we have inspired you to take action yourselves! A collective action that students are taking is raising money to start a fund to help Balmoral Hall School become more environmentally sustainable. Together, they created “A Brighter Future I Can See.”

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  • Grade 11 students organized a plant sale in support of their Class of 2022 Bursary Fund. (May 2021)


    By Joanne, Grade 11

    The Class Bursary Fund is an amount of money presented every year by the graduating class to BH Foundation. The money raised goes towards bursaries that give students the opportunity to attend Balmoral Hall that they may not have had otherwise. Starting from Grade 6, it is up to the class to raise money for their class fund, though most of the fundraising is done in Grade 11/12. All donations are endowed, which means that money is never spent but rather invested forever. A portion of the interest generated each year is used as a bursary. This means that every year, forever, the class bursary fund will help a student in need.
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  • Grade 7 students participated in the Junior Novice Provincial Debate tournament. (June 2021)


    By Carissa (Nikkel) Balcaen ’02, Faculty

    While the weather was warming up, so were the Grade 7 students who participated in Junior Novice Provincial Debate on June 3, 2021, which was the last tournament of the 2020–2021 debate and public speaking season. The students dedicated many hours developing arguments, researching evidence, and analyzing the impacts of mandatory social studies classes in high school. This topic was especially timely as the harms of residential schools were simultaneously being discussed following the discovery of the remains of Indigenous children at the Kamloops residential school site. 
    Students identified the common themes of learning from our mistakes, using triumphs as a guide to future decision-making, the maturity of the learners, access to elective courses, the evolving nature of the news, and teaching bias as the basis to build their salient arguments.
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  • Orange ribbons were tied along the Westminster Avenue fence. (June 2021)


    We join the families and community of Tk’emlúps te Secwe̓pemc First Nation in mourning their loss.

    Students and employees to wear their orange t-shirts on June 2, 2021 and to observe daily reflections of 2 minutes and 15 seconds from Monday, May 31 to Thursday, June 3 to honour those children who never made it home. In their memory, 215 orange ribbons were tied along our Westminster Avenue fence. Also on Wednesday, June 2, Grade 12 student Olivia Olson and her mother, Mary-Lou Ducharme, spoke to us about their family’s history with and survival of residential schools, about healing, and about speaking the truth. On behalf of the Balmoral Hall School community, we thank them for leading a prayer, followed by a traditional smudge. Miigwech.
  • Grade 10 students presented their Passion Projects virtually. (May 2021)


    By Brenda Boonstra, Faculty

    Please join me in congratulating this year’s Grade 10 students in completing their Passion Projects and presenting their work to teachers, family, friends, and invited guests May 19–20, 2021.

    The Passion Project is a highly anticipated part of the Grade 10 year at Balmoral Hall School. Each year, students take time to consider their interests and future goals to create a year-long project of their choosing completed independently with the support of a faculty/staff advisor. Students use various resources to influence their project’s outcome and take responsibility for all aspects of the project’s completion.
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  • Katheleen Eva '11


    By Nira, Grade 8
    On April 26, 2021, the Grade 8 class had the pleasure of speaking with Balmoral Hall School graduate Katheleen Eva about her career path and the choices that led her to where she is today. Ms Eva graduated from Balmoral Hall in 2011 and enjoyed her time here, being involved in the arts and debate and developing a love for science in Grade 5. Because of this, she became interested in a neuroscience program at McMaster University, which she enrolled in after graduation.
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  • Grade 9 students developing their ventures in Benidickson Centre for Arts & Design. (April 2021)


    By Janet, Grade 9

    After weeks of brainstorming and developing our own businesses, we were excited to announce the opening of our venture development website. We had a great variety of products – all made by students – ready to be ordered, picked up, or shipped. By supporting our small ventures, our school community had an opportunity to both give back to students and our venture development program! During these troubling times, we loved to brighten up your days with one of our student-made products. We were also happy to provide a full catalogue of all our products, backstories for each business, and many customizable masks, cases, and scrunchies. Thank you for your support!


    To assist with the development of our Grade 9 students’ ventures, a heat press and printer were funded with donations to Balmoral Hall School’s Annual Fund.
  • Danielle Rice '90


    By Rasleen, Grade 8

    On March 11, 2021, the Grade 8s had the pleasure of having a BH alumna, Danielle Rice, present to us about her career. In 1990, Ms Rice graduated from Balmoral Hall. During her time at the school, she was the Braemar House Head in grades 8, 10,  and 12. She was successful in debate and attended competitions across North America.
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  • Grade 9 students created models to pitch their proposed designs to project mentors. (February 2021)


    By Mia, Grade 9

    In mid-February, the Grade 9s were fortunate to spend a full week exploring the field of sustainable architecture and urban planning.
    We had the chance to learn from the experts at No.9, a Toronto-based arts orga­ni­zation that uses art and design to bring awareness to envi­ron­mental concerns, as we familiarized ourselves with our community and how many different possibilities there could be to redesign and improve our neighbourhood.
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    Chris Allinotte, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
    Having spent 
    more than 20 years as part of the maintenance team at Balmoral Hall School, Richard Ndlovu has had the opportunity to witness hundreds of BH girls enter the school, grow up, and graduate. For every one of them, he’s had time to take a minute or two to talk, to listen, and always to offer a friendly smile. He’s been like a cool uncle to our students, and his friendships within the entire Balmoral Hall community cannot be overstated. 
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  • Boarding students celebrating Lunar New Year 2021.


    By Xi “Vivian” Zhu, Grade 10
    For most of my life, I have celebrated Chinese New Year in China, but this year has been very different. This year is special because instead of celebrating Chinese New Year with my family, I celebrated with my friends and boarding staff. There are many things that we did to celebrate the festival.
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  • Members of the 99th Winter Session of Youth Parliament of Manitoba. (December 2020)


    By Breanna, Grade 11

    No matter your age, politics play a crucial role in your life. From the moment you wake up in the morning to the minute you go to bed, every action you take has political value and impacts our government, even when you don’t think it does. This is why education surrounding our government and also our potential roles in government are so important. The Youth Parliament of Manitoba is one of Canada’s longest continuously running youth parliaments and just celebrated its 99th anniversary this past winter session, which was held virtually from December 26–30, 2020.
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  • Snapshots from our Season of Giving. (December 2020)


    By Jennifer J. Pawluk, Communications Specialist

    One of our most cherished seasonal traditions is Day of Giving, when BH girls spend hours volunteering throughout Winnipeg for hands-on experiences and combined efforts to make a difference. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to host or participate in any community events to mark the special day this year; nevertheless, the Balmoral Hall School community continues to embrace the spirit of giving.

    “To our community, Day of Giving is much more than a habitual gesture of goodwill,” says Head of School Joanne Kamins, “as the spirit of giving stays with us year-round.”

    Given a variety of opportunities this holiday season that may not have arisen in any other year — we’re delivering joy and hope in newfound ways, making them uniquely meaningful.
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    By Jodi Hafenbrak, Middle & Senior School Principal

    Last week, Middle School students had a great time participating in a variety of activities as part of our experiential learning program, which we have adapted this fall in alignment with public health guidelines for schools.

    Grade 6 students spent time practicing their French and learning about Franco-Manitoban culture and history with a virtual tour of St. Boniface Museum and a workshop with cartoonist Gerald Laroche. They also explored science outcomes during their trip to Oak Hammock Marsh, where they examined life cycles, adaptations, and food chains of various aquatic invertebrates. The end of the week was spent at Manitoba Museum. They participated in a gallery tour entitled “Canada: An Emerging Nation,” which highlighted historical events in Canada’s history such as the World Wars, the Great Depression and the Winnipeg General Strike. Finally, Grade 6 students watched a show at the Planetarium that addressed the big question: How did life on Earth begin? Students witnessed key episodes in the 13.7-billion-year history of the Universe that have made life on Earth possible, from the first stars to the formation of Earth’s atmosphere, leading up to the incredible diversity of life on Earth today.

    Meanwhile, Grade 7 students participated in three different activities to start the week. They worked with Minecraft Education to create electronic biomes. Students also walked to the Legislative Building to complete an “Agents of Discovery” mission, which focused on the sculptures outside the building. Lastly, they spent time outside studying photographic techniques with a focus on artist Andy Goldsworthy. Thursday and Friday were spent at FortWhyte, participating in canoeing, hiking, wilderness survival, and observing the diversity of ecosystems.

    Grade 8 students also participated in a variety of experiential learning activities. Small groups of students rotated to different stations where they completed heart dissections, worked with clay to create sculptures, and joined Indigenous educator Gloria Beckman to learn about creating art with birch bark and the importance of trees and the environment to the Indigenous community. Thursday and Friday were spent with the group Momenta, engaging in activities that focus on strengths and connections. Grade 8 spent their days cycling, trekking, creating art, and playing team-building games, all of which were enjoyed by both the students and staff!

    Thank you to Middle School faculty for planning and organizing these activities to allow us to continue with our very popular experiential learning program this year!
  • Zoom participants during a virtual Grade 5 Exhibition. (June 2020)


    By Chloë McComb & Cyndee De Lande, Faculty

    Every year, during Grade 5 students’ International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition, we as their teachers are used to having new students, a new area of study with the theme “Sharing the Planet,” and new ways of presenting to our school community. This year, we had remote learning to accommodate. It was both a challenge and an opportunity, asking for more student initiative and independence while allowing more choice. We are so very proud of how they rose to this challenge and embraced this opportunity.
    In a “choose your own adventure” format, students selected a local and/or global issue, explored different perspectives and potential problems, and then formulated positive, actionable suggestions that our school community could act upon immediately.
    Students delivered multimedia presentations in the Ignite style using the Padlet app, conducted surveys and interviews, and created digital children’s books, posters, and flyers with QR codes for websites and petitions to spread the word on the important issues they had studied. They rocked the digital platform! Thank you to all the faculty and parents who supported them through this powerful and unique Grade 5 Exhibition.


    Joanne Kamins, Head of School

    Dear Balmoral Hall School Community,

    Recent conversations between Balmoral Hall School faculty, staff, students, parents, and alumnae have inspired all of us to think deeply about what it means to be an antiracist ally. From acknowledging privilege to challenging bias, we have witnessed actions that speak louder than words alone. In the midst of a global pandemic, protestors have taken to the streets by the thousands to demand change of a greater magnitude than ever before. There are petitions to be signed and causes to be funded, and every one of us is being called on to do the work needed to make a difference. Though apart we may be, antiracist allies have come together everywhere through advocacy initiatives and charitable donations. We are listening. We stand in support of our Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) colleagues, students, parents, and alumnae.
    As Head of School, I have been reflecting on Balmoral Hall School’s values more often as of late.
    • We believe all-girls education must be balanced.
    • We believe globally minded citizens act with compassion and integrity.
    • We believe lifelong learning is built upon curiosity, creativity, resiliency, and innovation.
    Education is my life’s work. Empowering students to develop their voices as agents of change is a purpose that we all share at Balmoral Hall School. When alumnae raise their voices to call for action, we know we have fulfilled our purpose.
    To understand Balmoral Hall School’s support of Black Lives Matter and fundamental human rights, I encourage you to review Balmoral Hall School’s Respect for Human Diversity Policy. (Please contact to request a copy.) We have collected a list of resources to share with you so that together we can support antiracist learning. If there are more resources you recommend, please share them with We are grateful for your continued partnership with Balmoral Hall School as together we inspire girls’ imagination and their courage to excel, to reach, to lead, and to care.

    Meliora Petens,

    Joanne Kamins
    Head of School

  • Lily (top) and Katia prepare for Junior National Debate Championships with Mrs. Balcaen (inset) via Zoom. (May 2020)


    By Lily & Katia, Grade 9

    From May 29–31, we competed in the 2020 Junior National Debate Championships via Zoom. Katia had already competed virtually in Junior Public Speaking Nationals; even with this prior competition, it was still a completely new experience to prepare in separate spaces for both the impromptu and prepared rounds of a national debate tournament. One of the main benefits of these new circumstances is that we can meet people from across Canada and the world with ease.

    Our prepared motion for the tournament was: This House, as Canada, would substantially increase its military and civilian presence in the Arctic. We had little knowledge on the topic, so Mrs. Balcaen contacted Lieutenant Colonel and Commanding Officer of 17 Mission Support Squadron Amanda Aldous ’02 to give us some much-needed context on how foreign policy within the Arctic works and the current Arctic defence strategy. Some of the other resolutions we encountered were: This House would grant parents and legal guardians a vote for each of their children/wards under the age 18; This House believes that government funding for the arts should only be given to minority artists; This House, as Canada, would implement a system of journalism licences; and This House would require approval from legally binding local referenda for all major land development decisions that use any amount of government funding.
    To try and prepare separately, even if we were in the same Zoom breakout room, was difficult, especially, when attempting to deal with various technical difficulties. However, the fact that so many innovative people were able to create an event with the same level of intense debate regardless of location is something that must be commended. We, of course, would have preferred to be in Halifax for this competition, but the spirit of the tournament was not lost through the screen!
    Coach’s note: This tournament is based on the number of rounds that are lost or won, hence it is considered a win/loss tournament. Lily and Katia won four of their preliminary six rounds of debate. As a team, they placed 18th overall in Canada and as the top team from Manitoba! Congratulations to Katia and Lily! –Mrs. Balcaen

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