At Balmoral Hall School, we believe in education tailored to individual girls, and we echo this in our boarding options.

    • Flex your options

Balmoral Hall School’s boarding program is teeming with activities that help educate the whole girl.

When we say we want to graduate girls with purpose, we don’t take this task lightly. That’s why we offer personalized educational support in the evenings, optional advanced language courses, a renowned athletics program, performing arts like theatre and choir, and outings each weekend to all of our boarding students.


Introducing flex boarding, a part-time boarding option for busy families and students on-the-go.

If you live out-of-town and your daughter’s activity schedule keeps you hopping between arenas or stages within the city, consider having her board a few times a week to limit the commute time, and increase both of your quality time.


Some of our students and families want to take advantage of the personalized education offered around the clock at Balmoral Hall School.

That’s why we offer an immersive seven-days-a-week boarding program, with activities and educational guidance available throughout.


Each boarding option carries advantages for individualized learning, a bustling and active social life, and helps develop life skills for girls to bring with them into the future. What works for one girl, doesn’t always work for the next, so BH is happy to accommodate customized boarding options to help each girl excel.

A BH boarding student can always tell you what she did before, during and after school each day – because boarding at Balmoral Hall School is never boring.