InnovateHER: Balmoral Hall School’s 6-Month Boarding Program

At Balmoral Hall School, we believe in cultivating the creativity and courage of every girl, which is why we provide personalized language support, experiential learning in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and engaging performing arts opportunities such as theatre and choir.

Our boarding students enjoy exciting outings every weekend, ensuring their lives are full of adventure, community, and inspiration. We take pride in creating an enriching environment that nurtures the development of every girl.

From January to June 2024, InnovateHER redefines the meaning of boarding education, ensuring that every moment together is filled with discovery, enrichment, and excitement.

Boarding at Balmoral Hall School is a journey that never ends.

Our commitment to student-driven inquiry is instilled throughout Middle & Senior School.

Our evidence-based Capstone program encourages students to explore global issues through their own inquiry. Our exceptional science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) programming ranks among Canada’s finest. We do not require any test scores for English language proficiency, as we believe in supporting our students in the development of the necessary skills for post-secondary success.

Our academic language support program is designed to ensure English language learners succeed in academic classes here and beyond. We support each girl through one-on-one, small-group, and full-class instruction where she takes linguistic risks in a comfortable environment with the guidance of experienced faculty.
English language learners who are boarders benefit from weekend academic language classes that are tailored to their individual language learning needs, including IELTS test preparation.

Students in Senior School have the opportunity to take challenging Advanced Placement (AP) courses, allowing them to engage with university-level material. Achieving a score of at least 4 on AP exams may even enable them to earn university credit for their high school coursework.

In Fall 2022, we proudly introduced our Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (TIE) certificate program. This comprehensive initiative offers digital credentials for co-curricular modules, including drone flight training, live/studio audio engineering, and video game design among many others.
The fees for our InnovateHER program amount to $37,750 and cover a comprehensive range of academic programming and support for international students.
These fees cover everything students require to fully engage in their academic coursework and includes the cost of textbooks, novels, school agendas, a portfolio binder, art supplies, and a yearbook.
Academic language support is also provided to help students enhance their English proficiency. Additionally, the fees encompass room and board, including meals and snacks, ensuring that students have a comfortable living environment on campus.
Basic school uniform items are included, guaranteeing that students are equipped with the necessary attire.
Transportation services are provided, covering airport transfers, staff-scheduled medical appointments, and off-campus boarding activities. By encompassing these aspects, the InnovateHER program fees at Balmoral Hall School aim to provide a comprehensive and supportive educational experience for international students.