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How to do a Bibliography

If your teacher asks you to include a bibliography with your report, that means you need to show where you found the information for your report. It might be from a book, an encyclopedia, magazine or an Electronic Source. You will need to list the sources in proper form.

The bibliography of a paper is single-spaced with one blank line between each source or entry. The first line is flush to the left of your page with any run-over lines indented 5 spaces. Be sure that you use the exact spacing, punctuation, and order.

Titles that are in all capital letters should be underlined.

Here are some examples:


Author’s last name, Author’s first name. TITLE OF THE BOOK. City where it is published: Publisher, copyright year.

Example: Flynn, George. GREAT MOMENTS IN BASEBALL. New York: Gallery Books, 1987.


Last name of the article’s author, First name of the article’s author. “Title of the Article.” NAME OF THE MAGAZINE, date of magazine, pages used.

Example: Williams, Anthony. “The Fascinating Role of Computers in Today’s World.” 3-2-1 CONTACT, November 1996, 40-42.


NAME OF ENCYCLOPEDIA, year of edition(ed.), s.v. (sub verbo, “under the word”) “Title of Article.”

Example: WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA, 1994 ed., s.v. “United States of America.”


Author. Title of item. [Online] Available document date if known or download date.

Example: DiStefano, Vince. Guidelines for better writing. [Online] Available, January9, 1996.

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