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English Language Learning

Academic Language Support

BH girls have rich, complex, multilingual backgrounds which contribute to a culture of language learning in the school. We know that all teachers are language teachers. Every interaction is an opportunity for language learning, and our school community collaborates to provide a linguistically responsive environment for BH girls.

Our academic language teachers have international experience and are trained in language acquisition and intercultural competency. We celebrate the whole girl, using an additive approach to support her English language development in both informal and academic settings. We partner with BH girls in setting learning goals and plans as they assess and reflect on their language acquisition progress.

With programming designed to support their success in academic classes and beyond, English language learners take linguistic risks in a comfortable, supported environment with the guidance of experienced academic language teachers. Our personal approach allows us to respond flexibly to the diversity of each girl’s needs and interests as we engage in learning relationships which range from one-on-one to small group to full class instruction.

English language learners in our boarding facility benefit from additional academic language instruction on Saturday mornings. Targeted IELTS preparation is also provided for those who will write IELTS.
Balmoral Hall School is a registered IELTS testing centre, providing BH girls with the opportunity to take the test in a familiar environment where they feel comfortable and confident.


Balmoral Hall School does not require any test scores for English language proficiency, as we believe in supporting our students in the development of the necessary skills for admission to post-secondary institutions.

We follow this multi-step process to determine English language proficiency, allowing us to develop a plan for each student on an individualized basis.

  1. An interview with our Executive Director and/or Principal of Middle & Senior School.
  2. An online Duolingo assessment to be completed upon admission to Balmoral Hall School, with a cost of approximately $50 USD.
  3. A face-to-face assessment by our Academic Language Support team at the beginning of the school year to determine supports needed to achieve best results in academics.
  4. A follow-up meeting with our Middle & Senior School Principal to ensure academic placements are thoughtfully completed.

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