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BH Beginnings (Ages 2 - 3)

About Inquiry Based Learning

About Inquiry-and Play-Based Learning

Inquiry, with a focus on numeracy, literacy and play, allows students to guide their learning by posing questions, problems or scenarios and searching for the answers.  The process is often guided by a teacher who listens, observes, documents, and discusses to learn how children make meaning through their experiences in the world around them.  Experiences and activities can then be offered to extend the student’s inquiry to promote further learning.  We start our students early on the path of becoming lifelong learners and globally minded citizens! 
The BH Beginnings program draws from best practices in early childhood education, including the Reggio Emilia Approach. Research from countries including the USA, Germany, Finland, and Australia, have shown the benefits of a play-based learning environment for young children in creating a significant, relevant, engaging and challenging educational framework for children. 

Research shows:
  • children use play to make sense of the world as they develop language and social skills, and demonstrate higher levels of empathy, imagination, self-control and thinking 
  • the loss of unstructured, free play is at the core of a rise in anxiety levels in young children and causing us to reassess the role of free play and the factors that seem to have eliminated it from our children's lives. 
  • through play children first learn how to make decisions, solve problems, exert self-control, and follow rules. 
  • children learn to handle their emotions, including anger and fear, make friends and learn to cooperate during play. 

We believe

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  • Children are capable and competent and should have some control over the direction of their learning

  • Children are encouraged to express themselves in a variety of ways through the arts and the world around them

  • Children have relationships with other children and with material items in the world that they are encouraged to explore

  • Children learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing and hearing

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