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Our Programs

BH Girls will change the world.

For more than a century, Balmoral Hall School has been committed to empowering girls to pursue their dreams. Rigorous teaching prepares our students for academic excellence. Our students are risk-takers, their curiosity is insatiable, and, most importantly, they rise to challenges.
We instill this fearlessness in a nurturing environment. Beyond the lesson plans we devise, there are life lessons to be learned that cannot be taught. We provide our students with countless opportunities to learn these lessons themselves. Progress is earned. Patience, fierce determination, and creativity are the hallmarks of lifelong learning.
Our alumnae are studying, working, and volunteering around the world to their fullest potential. With courage, innovation, and compassion they are making a difference in their communities. Their commitment to our school motto and vision, Meliora Petens – Seeking Better Things, endures.

Our Program

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  • + BH Beginnings (Ages 2 - 3)

    An inquiry-based program, incorporating best educational practices, encourages girls in our BH Beginnings programme as young as 2 to learn, know and understand through play. Age three comes with an introduction to dance and other specialist programs. In their next year, girls in our newly enhanced four-year old program will focus on literacy and numeracy.
  • + The IB Primary Years Programme - Junior School

    The Junior School Program provides a solid foundation for girls from Junior Kindergarten through to Grade 5. 

    Balmoral Hall Junior School welcomes students in an atmosphere of encouragement and challenge. We provide students with a trans-disciplinary curriculum that is based on research and practices from a range of international systems, incorporated in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. Junior School builds the foundation where children are guided to become independent learners and critical thinkers. Students are confident and empowered to achieve their personal best. 

    Balmoral Hall School is committed to preparing girls and young women to be competent, confident leaders in an ever-changing world. The Primary Years Programme encompasses the balanced growth of the developing child while fostering the hearts and minds of students. In addition to a rigorous, inquiry based academic curriculum, the programme addresses social, physical, emotional and cultural needs. 

    The BH Junior School strives to nurture the growth of a caring, responsible citizen with an increased understanding of the world around them; one who is able to think critically and independently. 

    These learning experiences promote the ideals and qualities of an “internationally-minded person” who strives to be knowledgeable, principled and open minded.
  • + CAPSTONE - Middle and Senior School

    Our CAPSTONE education model, encompassing Grades 6 – 12, is reflective of our vision, mission and values and allows us to meet two of our strategic priorities by providing a personalized program that is rigorous, relevant and research based and by providing programming allowing our students to be prepared for their future education. Students are involved in authentic, personally meaningful activities with continuous formative assessment and relevant and timely feedback. Our research has explored ideas and concepts such as Harvard’s Project Zero philosophies, brain research, girls’ learning, growth mindset and multiple intelligences.
    The focus on the development of “STEAM” skills is much more than a focus on science, technology, engineering and math, but is a program that values innovation and focuses on an inquiry-driven, student centered approach to learning (problem-based).   To ensure that innovation and creativity are valued, Arts are integrated into each of the “STEM” subjects.
    Middle School
    The Middle School welcomes students from Grades 6, 7 and 8. This is a special time. The girls’ lives are filled with developmental changes and new academic challenges. 
    Our nurturing environment in Middle School helps girls extend their knowledge of essential skills as they develop a sense of identity and become aware of their abilities and interests. Our academic program, athletics and the arts promote artistic and academic excellence. 
    Senior school
    At BH we provide our senior students (Grade 9-12) with a comprehensive program of studies that facilitates the achievement of individual potential, and inspires a love of learning. We offer a varied curriculum that enhances and exceeds provincial requirements and prepares young women for successful post-secondary education and future careers. 
    Our academic requirements encourage each student to design a rigorous program compatible with her abilities, interests and goals. Students may further enrich their programs by accelerated programs, as well as the Advanced Placement courses in Grades 11 and 12 in a variety of subjects. Balmoral Hall School’s challenging curriculum spans classical studies to twenty-first century technology. 
    Our comprehensive program includes traditional academic areas, athletics and arts education. Students have the opportunity to learn new languages, to express their ideas creatively through the visual and performing arts, and to develop a healthy lifestyle through our athletic program. 
    Balmoral Hall School’s female-centered environment promotes self-reliance, confidence and the freedom to learn. Our graduates are strong, independent women who have worked hard, formed lasting friendships and learned to care about the broader world. They are destined to make a difference!
  • + Advanced Placement

    Advanced Placement courses provide the opportunity for students to experience university level courses while still in high school. Students who score 4 or 5 on the AP College Board exam may be able to use their AP score for credit or advanced placement at university.
    We believe that all students should experience the rigour and demands of an advanced placement course. 100% of our students by the end of Grade 12 have taken at least one AP course, with some completing as many as 7. To help prepare students with the skills necessary to be successful in advanced placement, all students in Grade 9 and 10 are enrolled in Pre-AP science and English.
    Advanced Placement courses are offered in biology, chemistry, physics, English, micro economics, psychology,  and calculus. We also provide the resources and support for students wishing to challenge the AP French, Chinese and art exams.

Did you know?

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  • 75% of our grade 12 students enrol in at least 1 of 14 Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

  • Balmoral Hall offers the only IB Primary Years Programme in Manitoba, Canada

  • On average, 100% of our graduates go on to the university of their choice.

  • Our child to adult ratio in child care and nursery is 6:1.

Balmoral Hall School

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Our mission at Balmoral Hall School is to inspire girls' imagination and the courage to excel, to reach, to lead, to care.

We are an independent day and boarding school, offering an exceptional all-girls education from child care, starting at age 2, to Grade 12.