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Lindsay Ross-Stewart '99


By Chloe, Grade 8

On November 26, 2021, Dr. Ross-Stewart taught us about the path she followed after she graduated from Balmoral Hall. Dr. Ross-Stewart began attending Balmoral Hall in Grade 7. Her whole life, she was very involved in sports. She loved rugby, soccer, curling, and running. When she was in Grade 8, she knew she wanted to do something related to sports. Her parents supported her but wanted her to do something on the side just to make sure she had something to fall back on. At Balmoral Hall, she decided, as an extra-curricular activity, to join the debating club. She became really involved in debating and placed fourth in the country at one of the competitions. When she was in Grade 11, she boarded at the school because her parents were away in Europe. When she graduated, she went to Mount Allison University in New Brunswick. She was the first alumna to go there. She advised us to always trust our gut and just go with it. She finished her degree at Mount Allison University after four years and then spent a year in Ottawa being a waitress.

I really liked how she connected with the students, asking us to raise our hands if we have done any of the things that she has. She took her love of sports to a new level, which inspired us. She was in university for a total of nine years. She now works in southern Illinois at Edwardsville University. One of the things the Grade 8s loved about her was how she helps athletes feel confident, and, though she is not a coach, she also helps coaches, which is very interesting. When she was choosing her career, she had to prove her value as a woman, so she worked really hard. She thinks one of the reasons she feels confident today is because she went to Balmoral Hall. When someone asked her: “What is the hardest part of being a sport psychologist?” Ross-Stewart replied, being a mom, the hardest part is finding balance.   
She also advised us to be true to ourselves and that we should not do something just because someone else does it. A fun fact about her is that she was the Craig Gowan Prefect, and she went to Balmoral Hall from 1994 to 1999. She also told us how lucky we are to go here because BH provides an amazing education. She also said that we don’t have to go to university as we choose what we want to do. When someone asked her if she could go back and change anything in her life, she replied that she didn’t regret anything and wouldn’t change a thing.  
She really inspired me. My favourite thing that she said during the interview was: “No matter what place you finish in, you can always get a good job.” That made me feel really good because we all know that school can be really stressful at times. Dr. Ross-Stewart was super funny and made the interview very fun. If she wasn’t doing the job she has today, she said she would like to be a food critic. She said that getting paid to eat and telling restaurants what you think of their food sounds very fun. Overall, the Grade 8s had a fun time getting to know Dr. Ross-Stewart. Thank you Ms Boonstra for organizing this amazing interview.

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