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By Dr. Patricia Mitchler, Faculty

With some of the challenges that have come along with remote learning, there have also been some opportunities.

Three students were able to take part in an online Young Women in Engineering Symposium hosted by University of Toronto’s Faculty of Engineering. Lauren K., Juliana, and Kaylee attended the three-hour virtual event on the evening of May 26, 2020.

They shared the following reflections.

“This event was designed for young women to encourage them to study engineering at university. There were more than 400 women on this call from various parts of the world, including India, Europe, and Turkey, all receiving advice and tips from current students and alumnae of the engineering program at University of Toronto. Many of them shared their experiences of why they chose engineering, what they loved about it, and where it has taken them in life. Many of them shared that they really enjoyed hands-on projects that they were challenged with as part of their courses. They worked with partners of the university to help solve a problem that affects an industry. These partners are from around the world in all types of industries. Additionally, they outlined the course system and explained the different entry points and how they will each get you to your final goal. After all the presentations were complete, they answered any questions the viewers had. It was really inspiring to see how passionate all of these women are about engineering, as well as hearing about their journeys to get there, through university and in the working field.” –Lauren K.

“I learned so much about engineering as a whole and the university itself. It seems like a very inclusive and inviting environment. I also learned how no one really knew what they wanted to do during their first year, but they really loved math and physics. They ended up just kind of running into engineering and really liked it and that’s why they choose it. I also never know how many fields of engineering there are. Every panellist who spoke was from a different field!” –Juliana

“It was one of the best university information meetings I’ve ever seen. The speakers, who were all female, informed the attendees of their many accomplishments in various fields, primarily engineering. They were highly inspiring and acted as engaging orators, taking the time to personally answer attendee questions. The speakers all talked about their backgrounds and experiences at U of T. During the question period, the speakers answered questions such as, ‘Why engineering?’ and ‘What’s the Iron Ring?’ (The Iron Ring is the Canadian mark of an engineer.) I learned about many things such as the Professional Experience Years co-op program (PEYs), U of T’s growing female STEM population, and how different people integrated themselves into their university community. There are more than 800 clubs, including a Dungeons & Dragons club! From an engineering perspective, I learned that systems change is people change (i.e. to change a system, one must first change the people in and working behind that system). The experience of hearing the stories of so many strong and smart women was very enlightening and empowering.” –Kaylee


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