The soil turning beneath me has been stood upon by thousands of students passing through on their academic journey.
Generations have witnessed the changing seasons here, green grass covered in falling leaves and then snow, only to sprout again.
Something else grows here now, from a sturdy man-made foundation, steel that stretches three stories high baking in the bright summer sun.
Fall arrives, and I'm blanketed in concrete.
The wind whistles through me, but – wait – glass surrounds me now, drawing a little heat from the dim winter sun.
I bask in its glow, and something rumbles to life inside of me. I have power. I gain strength.
Hollow spaces are filled with possibilities that I dream of at night when it's so quiet I can hear the river ice cracking.
When I open my doors wide, the pitter patter of footsteps will echo inside. Hushed whispers and booming laughter will stir my soul. Just think of the wonders I will hold!

Canvas spattered with paint, clay that changes shape, and hands stained with charcoal. Song so sweet that even the birds fall silent to listen. Imaginings that shift and change with every keystroke, appearing real before my very eyes.
Dancers take flight, fall, and fly again. Dust covers the surface of a workbench strewn with tools. From screen to machine a two-dimensional design transforms into a three-dimensional model.

Passion and purpose combined in equal measure. Curiosity and creativity resound in perfect harmony. With each problem solved, confidence soars.
I’ll inspire it all, but first I need your help.
A million dreams are about to come true thanks to the shared vision of those who see girls’ futures like I see them.

That’s why they’re building me.


Balmoral Hall School

Our mission at Balmoral Hall School is to inspire girls' imagination and the courage to excel, to reach, to lead, to care.

We are an independent day and boarding school, offering an exceptional all-girls education from child care, starting at age 2, to Grade 12.