Inclement Weather and Busing

When severe weather conditions arise, Balmoral Hall, in accordance with provincial guidelines, will cancel some or all of our busing service. If a bus is cancelled in the morning, it will not run in the afternoon either. Your best source of information about busing cancellation on days when the weather may be a factor is CJOB radio. 

Additionally, you may receive direct alerts on Twitter from First Student Canada.

Please also ensure that your phone numbers are kept up to date with the school, as we may also send a voice or text message to inform you that the buses are cancelled.
Currently, Balmoral Hall School busing service is offered on five routes throughout the city and is available for students enrolled in Kindergarten to Grade 12.
As with other independent schools, given the range of distances serviced by the buses, it is not possible to guarantee door-to-door service. As well, the length of the bus ride to school will not always approximate the length of the same trip by car. However, we will make every effort to optimize the routes so that the service is as convenient and efficient as possible.
We will strive to continue expanding the number of locations and/or routes so that we can accommodate our families while providing a safe and efficient mode of transportation to and from school.


First Student Canada, our busing service provider, is your direct contact for information. 


In late 2018, First Student Canada, along with Balmoral Hall School, introduced FirstView.

We are very excited to be the first school to go live using this app from First Student Canada!

FirstView is a bus tracking, communications, and engagement platform for parents, school administrators, and transportation management. This platform has been designed to show parents and schools the exact whereabouts of a particular bus on a particular route. Using Zonar GPS, parents will now know the exact location, whether the bus is late or on time, of their daughter's bus. FirstView will also provide, should the need arise, instant notifications if there are traffic, equipment issues, etc. that can cause delays.

Questions or concerns, including but not limited to absences and delays, please contact First Student Canada as follows.

Call the dispatcher to report an absence or inquire about service at (204) 253-5942.
Sign up for Twitter, and follow @FirstStudentBH for immediate notifications. 
For all other questions or concerns call (204) 257-0696 or email

Busing Information

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