BH Sports

A variety of sports teams are offered to Middle and Senior students. Major sports, include volleyball, basketball, soccer and ice hockey. Minor sports typically have a shorter season. There is a Developmental League for Grades 6 and 7 and a Junior League for Grades 7 and 8. These teams compete in the Manitoba Catholic School Athletic Association, (MCSAA). There is a Junior Varsity League for Grade 9 & Grade 10 and a Varsity League for Grade 11 & Grade 12. These teams compete in the Zone 12 Crosstown Conference as part of the Manitoba High School Athletic Association (MHSAA). Other sports teams offered include badminton, ultimate, track & field and dragon boat. Track and Field is open to both Middle and Senior students.

BH Athletics Awards

Each year Balmoral Hall School awards four deserving BH student-athletes with a Major award recognizing their achievements and commitment to athletics and academics. The Freshman Athlete of the Year, Junior Athlete of the Year, Graduating All-Star, and Varsity Athlete of the Year are all recognized each spring at the BH Athletics Banquet. For a complete description of each award as well as a listing of past recipients please visit the BH Athletics Awards page.

BH Blazer Participation Points and Awards

Athletes at Balmoral Hall School earn participation points for any athletic activity. Their points accumulate from Middle and Senior School to earn crests and plaques. The awards start with a small BH crest and work up to the Honour of Distinction plaque. The crests can be seen on the girls’ BH sweater. Major sports such as volleyball, soccer and basketball are worth three points, whereas minor sports such as badminton, curling, track, and interhouse are worth one. Students that are involved in coaching, managing or refereeing a team also earn points. The crests and plaques are awarded annually at the BH Blazers Athletic Banquet in May.

The Small BH requires 17 points.
The Large BH requires 25 points.
The Blazers Crest requires 33 points.
The Award of Merit plaque requires 40 points
The Honour of Distinction plaque requires 46 points.

Students that earn the Blazer Crest, Merit and Distinction plaques have dedicated themselves to hard work and drive in all athletic activities at BH.

Athletic Activities and Points Chart

3 Points: Volleyball, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer
2 Points: Head Coach
1 Point: Interhouse, Golf, Cross Country Running, Curling, Badminton, Track & Field, Dragon Boat, Running Club, Assistant Coach, Manager, Referee


All athletes are expected to make a commitment to attend all practices and games on time. Making a commitment to a team is an integral part of a team’s success. Athletes are also expected to maintain good grades in all subject areas and complete schoolwork in a timely manner in order to participate. We are proud of our school teams and expect them to be ambassadors for Balmoral Hall School in the community. Please refer to our student-athlete policy.